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Laundry on the Way is a leading company that offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase a Laundry license and gain access to a thriving laundry business. 

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About Laundry on the way

Laundry on the Way serves as a pivotal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to establish and expand a thriving laundry business. Through our innovative licensing program, we provide individuals like you with the opportunity to enter the flourishing laundry industry and cultivate a rewarding enterprise. Backed by our extensive range of high-quality products, coupled with expert support and guidance, we equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to pave the way towards your success and prosperity.

Are you prepared to start on your entrepreneurial journey in the laundry industry

Why Chose Laundry On The Way

Align yourself with a reputable brand, receive comprehensive support, and access a proven business model. Join our franchise network and embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in the laundry industry

Entry into a Lucrative Industry

By choosing Laundry on the Way for purchasing a laundry license, you gain access to a highly lucrative industry. The laundry industry has a consistent demand, making it a stable and profitable business opportunity.

Established Business Model:

Laundry on the Way provides a proven and established business model that ensures your success in the laundry industry. Our extensive experience and expertise in the field allow us to guide you through the process of setting up and operating a successful laundry business.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

We offer comprehensive support and guidance to license holders. From initial setup phase to ongoing operations, we provide assistance in various areas such as equipment selection, marketing strategies, operational processes, and staff training. Our goal is to empower you with the necessary knowledge and resources to run your business efficiently.

Exclusive Products and Services

As a Laundry on the Way license holder, you gain access to exclusive products and services. We provide you with a range of high-quality laundry products, including detergents, fabric softeners, and other essential supplies. These products are specifically designed to ensure exceptional laundry results.

Continuous Innovation and Advancement

Laundry on the Way is committed to continuous innovation and advancement in the laundry industry. As a license holder, you benefit from our ongoing research and development efforts, which ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and provide the latest and most efficient laundry solutions to your customers.

Scalability and Growth Potential

Our license program offers scalability and growth potential. With our support and guidance, you can expand your business and open multiple locations, tapping into new markets and increasing your revenue streams.

Experience Laundry Excellence with Laundry on the Way!

With state-of-the-art equipment, eco-friendly practices, and a team of skilled professionals, we take care of your laundry needs with the utmost care and efficiency.

Experience continuous growth and meet evolving customer demand

By choosing Laundry on the Way, you can experience continuous growth, adapt to changing customer demands, and stay at the forefront of the laundry industry. Join our franchise network and thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Market Adaptability

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing evolving customer preferences and industry trends. Laundry on the Way continuously assesses market demands, allowing franchisees to offer relevant and in-demand services.

Technological Innovation

Benefit from our commitment to technological advancements. Laundry on the Way invests in cutting-edge solutions that enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and streamline business processes.

Ongoing Support

As a Laundry on the Way franchisee, you'll receive comprehensive support at every stage of your business journey. From initial training to marketing assistance and operational guidance, we are committed to your success and growth.

Our License

Both packages are designed to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring that your business needs are met efficiently and effectively. Choose the package that suits your preferences and enjoy the convenience and quality that Laundry on the Way has to offer.

Exclusive License

  • Laundry supply kit
  • Digital graphic files
  • Company branded 4 Polo & 5 T-Shirts
  • 50 company branded client bags
  • Social Media Audit ($129 Value)
  • Laundry Folding Device
  • 500 Business Cards
  • 50 Client Thank You Cards
  • 8 weeks of Ramp-Up Weekly 1:1 Business Coaching
  • Scissors and 10 Spools of ribbon, 4 Detergents (3 Different Scents)

The Process of Joining Laundry On The Way

Join Laundry on the Way and become a part of a successful laundry business. Benefit from our brand name, exclusive territories, wholesale prices, and ongoing support.

Choose a License

Select your license type (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive), and we will design a territory map for you from the given ZIP codes. We find our subscribers to have more income than time and that’s one of the primary reasons they choose us.

Initial Licensee Fee

As a Laundry on the Way licensee, you can use our brand name, access exclusive territories, and buy our products at wholesale prices. We'll add your town/city to our corporate pages and allow you to create your social media pages using our brand. You'll also have access to our corporate pictures, marketing materials, and receive ongoing support from our team.

Agreement signup

Our team of experts will make a customised agreement designed to meet your specific needs and that the agreement accurately reflects your business

Laundry Supply Kit

You’ll order your startup laundry kit including 20 LOTW laundry bags, 2 folding boards, 6 strands of ribbons, 1 pair of work scissors, 40 bottles of luxury detergent

The Laundry on the Way Process

Discover the ultimate convenience with ‘The Laundry on the Way’ process. Say goodbye to laundry hassles. Save time and effort with our efficient and professional laundry service.

What They Say

Our Awesome Journey.

Laundry On The Way
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kista.michele martinezkista.michele martinez
21:44 22 May 23
Great experience! Super convenient! Also a huge appreciation that they went out of the way to make sure to use detergent that didn’t have lavender in it because of my allergy! Thank you for going above and beyond, Naples, Fl.
Haille UrquhartHaille Urquhart
19:56 22 May 23
My fiancé and I work full time jobs, we have well water at our home in Naples, Florida so we have to take our laundry to a laundromat and would spend 4-6 hours there every time we went. It is such a hassle and time consuming.Thanks to Laundry On The Way and Ty for introducing us to it, we have been able to save so much time and have taken a huge weight off our shoulders!They gave us 2 great laundry bags and come to us to pick them up once a week and have our laundry returned to us within a day or 2. Folded and ready to put up.The clothes look beautiful and smell amazing, we are so appreciative of this company and the luxury they provide for everyday people like us.If you live in Naples, Florida and get your laundry done this is the company to use!Thanks again so much for the phenomenal service.
Justin ChristmasJustin Christmas
02:32 03 Aug 21
My clothes were picked up this morning and delivered clean, folded, packaged and smelling amazing this evening. Professional staff, quick response and amazing service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Ashyia RAshyia R
18:38 28 Mar 21
My family loved working with Laundry on the Way. They were very professional! Let's not even talk about how much quality their work is. My clothes came back folded in bundles, so neat and compact. And I recommend the laundry detergent scent Egyptian Cotton! My husband and I's favorite! Smells like heaven! If you have not done business with them you are missing out!
First Love MediaFirst Love Media
15:51 25 Mar 21
I purchased Lauren's Lavender Laundry Wash and it smells like true lavender! I loved how it didn't have a synthetic scent and left my clothes feeling soft and smelling great! I also appreciate the speedy service as my package came right on time! I plan on purchasing the Salt and Sage Laundry Wash over the summer!